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FB was established, when the founder felt the need to built an organization that will incorporate strong ethics and integrity along with professionalism in the areas of management services. That resolve resulted into one of the distinctive organization in the field of management services. Every milestone that we passed made us more determined to be the best in the field management services. The fact that most of our Principal clients have been associated with us since inception and our relationship continues to blossom fuels our resolve to excel their expectations. Team FB believes in the sense of consistence. We have a blend of matured experience and a learner’s enthusiasm. This along with our core values of ethics and passion are our guiding light towards our corporate vision FB works across all leading industries to provide the finest services available that offer invaluable industry knowledge, contacts, awareness of new and emerging trends and sensitivity to current marketplace issues. FB is pioneer in the industry in terms of range of services offered, professional expertise & team, size and complexity of mandates handled, large and high quality database.

Why you choose us ..!

  • We believe that it is people who build organization and create wealth. They are the intellectual capital that grow economies, fuel growth and inspire trade. They are the genesis of commerce. It is people who form the essence of who we are and what we do These are the foundation stones of FB, and these values are non-negotiable and every member of Team FB is expected to imbibe, honor, and work on these principles.
  • Total Passion because passion is the fire that makes people self-motivated.
  • Ethics : There are no shortcuts in life, and ethics is our inner voice that discriminates the wrong from the right.
  • Discipline & Responsibility are the grind that converts a stone into a diamond. Discipline is what converts intentions into actions and responsibility converts actions into success.
  • Processes : If we plan ourselves as per the set process, we will never go wrong. No enterprise has succeeded on face value. Our processes have to stand the test of crises
  • Conviction : Conviction stems from knowledge; it is the endeavor of team FB to make every day a day of learning. It is our convictions that make us think before we act and then act with absolute confidence.
  • We believe that it is people who build organization and create wealth. They are the intellectual capital that grow economies, fuel growth and inspire trade. They are the genesis and culmination of commerce. It is people who form the essence of who we are and what we do
  • We at FB have identified our destination. Today is a horizon of our earlier dreams, and now we are ready to travel beyond horizons. This is the vision of a journey into the future where the potential of our growth is infinite. This is not just our corporate vision but an extension of our mission.

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Our Lovely Team

Harshitha Gudderra

Executive Head

It takes a lot of savvy, heightened awareness and good judgement to identify a viable business opportunity and figure out how it can be transformed into a high growth business model. Harshitha is therefore extremely perceptive individual who can foresee the potential in solving a problem and experience herself or by understanding the case studies around her. These same insights also serve to fuel her passion and lay the foundation of her idea. Harshitha uses power to dream and craft a vision that will guide the team through the rest of their journey. A lot of the personality traits necessary to succeed in one ventures on her own are well known; hard work, appetite for risk, integrity, competitiveness, growth-oriented mindset, resourcefulness. Harshitha feels "Growing a business requires resourcefulness as well. Not just to build a world-class team but also to reach out to partners and customers as well. A good network is one of the most crucial assets for FortuneBells, but more importantly, the ability to leverage that network effectively can be the difference between a failed and a successful company."

Dr.Soni Rani


Dr.Soni Rani is the principal dentist at Bangalore,INDIA. Graduating from the University of Bangalore in 1987, she comes with a wealth of experience in hospital, community and general dentistry. In 1990, she obtained her membership from the IDA in Bangalore. Dr.Soni Rani is a very experience general practitioner and has been an Associate of the practice since 1990. Her interest and vision towards virtual world has evolved her to start a FortuneBells, Software Development Company. She is very passionate to learn new things and has a very creative thinking.

Kishan Shetty

Executive Director

Recognized Financial consulting Leader with over 15 years of experience in delivering transformation services in Banking and Financial domain. Kishan has a proven results in growing business, Complex financial Solutioning, leading and delivering complex pursuits. Working with Banking and Financial Services clients running engagement Portfolios across Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Wealth Management globally in client facing roles in leadership capacity across Asia and India. A collaborative leader with a keen passion for building high performance teams and developing leaders. Proven ability to be successful in a matrix organization and to enlist support and commitment from peers in selling and delivering consulting solutions. Inspiring Banking clients to take advantage of the opportunities provided by new and not so new technologies, helping transform their operating models while leveraging integrated digital technologies and techniques and mentoring them in their journey of transformation and change.